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Szerző: Krupanicsné Nagy Katalin @ 2019. november 16. - 14:59 :: 1814 megtekintés :: Angol



Our trip to England began at the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport on 9th September. Everyone was really exhausted but we were looking forward to meeting new people and we wanted to study about the English language and of course, the country, England itself. After our two hours flight we headed to Stonehenge, which was an incredible sight. We needed to walk a little to get to the spot, but it was worth it. We saw a magnificent view and the ancient ”clock”. We looked around for quite a while, we could take some selfies and then we went straight to Bideford. There the host families waited for us eagerly. Everyone stayed at a traditional English family. We could try the typical English tea, the English breakfast and some special snacks. Students could talk to their host families and ask about the English customs. We could ask about their daily routine, too. It was real fun. The next few days went by fast. We visited Tintagel, Ilfracombe, Woolacombe, Barnstaple, Salisbury and many more venues. Tintagel was the students’ favourite.

It was breathtaking. We were walking along the edge of the cliffs and the could experience the rainy-windy English weather. The wind was blowing intensively at the ocean. It was beautiful, I haven’t seen anything like this. The sound of the ocean, the smell…Everyone loved this. Of course, we couldn’t miss fish and chips. Everyone ate a lot and we didn’t complain because the food was tasty. The evenings were enjoyable with our host families. We visited the beach, playgrounds, went hiking or they played board games.

I know everyone had an amazing time in England. Coming back to school was difficult after so much experience but we managed to do it.

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